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In conjunction with your High School Counselor, we have put together a comprehensive guide to help players and parents during a difficult & emotional but exciting time. We will help with when to start and where to go when it comes to playing soccer in college. Olympic Soccer Academy will be a great resource for guiding players and parents with the different categories of colleges, contacting coaches, schools to evaulate and visit, ID camps to attend, what to avoid and much more. We have created great relationships with college/universities nationwide (D3, D2, D1, NAIA) and will continue to develop more relationships with College Coaches and ID camp providers. We have also scouted the important ID camps for players to look into and attend depending on their level of play and their outlook for college soccer. For any High School Player that plays for TEAM OLYMPIC, and want guidance from our club, a parent/player interview can be scheduled. Please send an email to stating you would like to schedule an interview. You will then be emailed the Team Olympic College Guide for High School Team Olympic Players/Parents we have personally created. It is a GREAT comprehensive guide!! Then please have the High School Team Olympic Player complete the High School Questionnaire Form to bring with you at the interview - Click Here

Although we would LOVE to help all of our Team Olympic Players with their college outlook, those that choose not to play soccer in college, your school counselor will be your best choice to guide you. 

College Soccer Seminar is offered every year and STRONGLY recommend your player/parent attend this as it will answer 90% of questions and will also guide you on how to get started and what to get started on.  


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